An expedition is a complete adventure; it is the time to put training into practice. The objectives will be the summits we climb or the paths we trek. But, over the years, when an adventure ends, we’ve seen thousands of expedition members, from local to internationally recognized adventurers, share emotional words and goodbyes as if lifelong friends. Just a few days ago they were complete strangers. This experience has confirmed what we long suspected: there are far more on big mountain expeditions than merely reaching a summit.

Our scheduled expeditions are perfect for those traveling alone or couples who want more company. We limit teams to 12 clients with groups made up of climbers from all around the world of varying ages. While most climbers join scheduled climbs, private expeditions can have more personal attention. This program’s flexibility makes it suitable for any situation during the ascent private clients are also able to select the starting date during the summer season.

The expeditions will broaden your experience and deepen your knowledge; for example, by reaching new altitudes, by extending yourself technically and physically or by coping with extreme conditions.

As a team member, you will be with like-minded people, all seeking adventure and the camaraderie that people share when facing challenges together. We look to you to be mindful of risks at all times and to use your initiative, common sense and previous experience to face up to them and to reduce them where possible. We like our expedition teams to operate within an envelope of mutual support and trust, and the guides will work to build this as the trip progresses.

WhiteFox Adventures are professionally guiding, and our guides possess the knowledge we need to achieve our goals:

Will set the tone and the overall parameters for the conduct of the trip.
Will ensure that every opportunity is taken to fulfill the objectives described in the trip's itinerary, while not slavishly being bound by it.
Will establish a framework of safety and incite a positive attitude towards ensuring a safe outcome.

For most of our clients, mountaineering is a hobby and a passion. Most have full-time jobs that they enjoy. But, for a short period, these expeditions allow them to forget about what they know as ‘everyday life’. Removing themselves from their daily routine and focus on the important things can help provide some perspective.

The memories born from the expedition will stay with you forever. Without exception, people will have learned something about themselves, and perhaps look at things in a new light. Participants have pushed themselves physically and mentally further than they knew was possible, and with trust and a big dose of sheer determination realize that actually, there is no better feeling than that of pushing yourself to the limit and being totally 100% alive and climbing big mountains does this better than anything we’ve ever experienced.

Expeditions are not just about the summit. It never was. It never will be.