ACONCAGUA – 22,841’ | 6,962m


You don’t want to join a guided expedition.
Are you an experienced mountaineer or a guide with your group?

We may assist you in all services you need to climb Aconcagua.
We´ll help you make an accurate and complete budget for your expedition; quoting each service individually.

Do you have questions about your expedition itinerary? Please send it to us, and we´ll work with you to design a plan that best fits your needs, including the services you may need.


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Aconcagua Park regulates and allows three campsites well established.

Campsites are:

Confluencia: Intermediate camp on the way to Plaza de Mulas.
Plaza de Mulas: Basecamp for the Normal Route of Aconcagua.
Plaza Argentina: Basecamp for the Polish Traverse Route.

All are fully equipped with dining tents, tables, chairs, light, storage tents, clean toilets and electrical lights and charging stations.

Services provided:

  • Meals

    We guarantee excellent meal service!
    And you must never forget that a good meal helps for proper acclimatization!

    All basecamps have a complete kitchen set up with professional chefs. They take care of all the meals.
    By using a meal service in base camp, we´ll avoid extra weight needed to transport on the mules and also you won’t be cooking so you can take time to relax.

    Our options and a sample menu as to what climbers can expect:

    American Breakfast: hot drinks, cereals, cakes, sweet cookies, toasts with butter and marmalade, scrambled eggs and yogurt.

    Lunch and dinner: includes a starter or soup, a substantial main course such as steak, pizza or pasta, a dessert and a variety of drinks.

    Packed Lunch: substantial meal (a sandwich, a slice of pie or similar), fruit, sweet cookies, a cereal bar and sweets.

    Full Board: Breakfast – Lunch (packed lunch or lunch at Basecamp) – Dinner.

  • Special meals

    If you are vegetarian or have special dietary requirements, please let us know before so we can provide them for you.

  • Additional basecamps services available upon request at additional cost

    Wine, beer, Coca-Cola, Mineral Water.

    Internet services:
    In Plaza Argentina and Plaza de Mulas we provide Internet access, and it can be purchased by the hour.

    We provide hot showers during the day.
    The shower structure has been designed to ensure privacy and comfort. Water is heating on solar panels.

    Dormitory structure tents with bunk beds:
    large tents equipped with bunk beds, mattresses, and carpeted floors.
    Note: This service is only provided if you take full boarding services.

    Private Dome:
    This service has been created for groups who prefer privacy. Equipped with electric lights, wooden floors and power plugs for charging batteries.
    Twelve climbers capacity and include tables and chairs. It does not include meals and tableware.

    Private Cooking & Dining Dome:
    For groups who prefer to cook on his dome.
    The cooking & dining dome has the capacity for eight climbers and includes tables and chairs.
    The kitchen kit includes gas and all cooking gear (gas stove, gas, pots, frying pan, knives, chopping board, water container, washing bucket, cleaning products, kitchen utensils, thermos for 5 liters).
    Not included: chef and tableware / we do not sell products to cook.


We can transport and deliver your luggage on each of the three basecamps on the days that you request.
Permanent staff will receive your luggage and store it safely until you arrive.
When you are descending back to a basecamp from your summit attempt, you can use a radio to reserve your mules for the return journey to Penitentes.
Each mule can transport a maximum weight of 60 kg. Because of this, we ask you to pack no more than 30 kilograms in one bag; we need to balance the charges with this maximum weight.

Additionally, when you hire the mule service to transport your gear to one of the basecamps the following items are included too:

Load deposited at Penitentes and Plaza de Mulas. (We don’t provide this service at Plaza Argentina).
Group transportation from your lodging area (Penitentes) to the starting point of your trek on the two different approaching routes, Horcones or Punta de Vacas Valley
The right to use the toilets in our basecamps
We agree to transport your trash and human waste down from the basecamp to Penitentes for disposal. Our staff in the base camps will sign your climbing permit to give proof that our company will be responsible for your garbage.


Don’t let pride get in your way on your expedition.
When the goal is to climb the highest mountain in the Americas, this single decision can make the most significant difference.
If you have concerns regarding your adaptation to the altitude, or you want to climb the mountain with less weight on your backpack, the help provided by porters will be a significant advantage.
The altitude effect in Aconcagua is powerful. Each gram less on your shoulders is an invaluable aid.
And climbing lighter helps you maintain your energy focused on the Summit day.


Porter Service refers to the transportation of gear to the different high camps to reduce the amount of weight you must carry each day on the mountain.
At each basecamp Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina, we maintain a staff of high altitude porters.
There is a clearly defined porter system where loads are priced by which altitude camp the porter is carrying to and the weight of the load.

Based on the weight of the load we offer two kinds of porter services:

From 01 to 10 kilograms = Half porter
From 11 to 20 kilograms = Full porter

Usually, these are the altitude camps where porters carry:

Plaza de Mulas – Normal Route

Plaza Canada
Nido de Cóndores

Plaza Argentina – Polish Traverse Route

Camp 1
Camp 2
Camp 3 (Cólera)


We’re proud of the fact that our guide’s team is among the most talented and experienced in the country. They can lead a group on the highest mountain as few can.
All our guides hold full certification with the AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides) and EPGAMT (School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides), the highest level of guide training available in Argentina.

WhiteFox Adventures success was due in massive part to having exceptional guides team.
They have become our friends and WhiteFox Adventures has become a vehicle for all of us.
Our view is that if we don’t enjoy the people we work with, that our clients won’t either.

Teamwork works, together we develop our climbing itineraries to be safer and flexible.
We offer the most talented guides, familiar with our ethics, standards, and operations, from the technical skills of our guides to our risk management.

As you reach higher elevations and test your limits, the value of an experienced guide cannot be understated. Our professional guides provide individual attention for a safe and enjoyable adventure.


During your stay in Mendoza city, we can offer you a wide range of accommodations at reasonable prices. And we can make reservations for you at hotels close to the entrance of the Park.

Also, we can arrange all transportation needs for your group while in Mendoza including airport pickups, transportation from Mendoza to Aconcagua round trip and any other excursions such as wine tours.