From the beginning, our mission has been a simple one, “Be a premiere expeditions outfitter, committed to providing the finest quality trips, highest safety standards and care for every client.”

Even if we are a new company, Martin Grech and his wife Valeria Martin have more than thirty years in the Adventure´s world. For twenty years Martin and Valeria provided leadership to some of the most important companies in the industry. Today their names are respected and well known in the world of climbing, synonymous with the talent and ethical job.
Ascending Aconcagua as a 16-year-old, Martin began his trajectory from mountain climber to mountain guide to an executive. With 30 years of experience, Martin has been offering his support and professionalism to more than 1,200 expeditions from all over the world.

Beside Valeria founded WhiteFox Adventures and are responsible for making one of the best adventure companies in Argentina, with the highest international standards of quality and safety.
A standard that Valeria defines in simple words, “Continual Improvement is deeply rooted in our DNA.” Much of the experience you will enjoy in our expeditions comes from a proper planning, customer feedback, and creative thinking.”

We continually re-evaluate the entire process of our expeditions to make every effort we can to enhance the qualities of our itineraries as well as reduce our impact on the mountain. It translates since small adjustments to our altitude menu to add days in the plan. You can be confident that all of the logistics, down to the minor details, have been double-checked and confirmed. These continued work have allowed us to build upon a standard of excellence and give our clients the consistency they deserve year after year. From the first step to the summit and back, WhiteFox Adventures is there to help you in this fantastic adventure.

The hardest and most exciting part is that the process is never complete and that everything we hope to accomplish remains a work in progress.
Fortunately for us, this service ethos in which helping others access and experience a great adventure proved be something of value, and in doing so, we found purpose and satisfaction.